About Us

Who We Are?

We are a team of designers who are inspired by everying that's new, beautiful on trend, and we are offering our services to create the best art & design materials.

Mural Art & Painting

Mural Painting

Today, mural art is any work of art produced or applied straight to a permanent surface.

Murals also serve as an aesthetic component that aids in their blending into their surroundings, transforming them into genuine cultural objects and even colossal works. Murals can also be made for various reasons outside their clear-cut meanings, such as advertising or just decorating a wall with a lovely image. To create promotional campaigns and designs, big brands frequently work with mural painters as urban art becomes more widely accepted.    We can provide beautiful and realistic paintings with this Murals technique especially to add a nicer interior design in your home or to your business place.         The mediums that i have been used in murals include tempera, oil, acrylic, and paints done with a brush, roller, aerosol, or sprayer. When the murals are done, layers of varnish or a shielding acrylic glaze may be applied to prevent surface deterioration and UV ray damage.

 My work—generally composed of oil and acrylic paint on canvas, on the walls Murals (inside your apartment if you dream to have a big wave in your home)or on the textile fabric and concentrates on the sea in different states: waves of all shapes and sizes, foaming surf, sun-flecked ripples beneath a luminous blue sky and beautiful landscapes.I enjoy to paint the nature and  bring her beauty in your home. Through my paintings i express my emotional healing process and every paint is part of my growing like an artist. I invite you in the catalog section to find all the paintings available for sale and the ones for commission 

Graphic Design

We are a group who enjoys bringing abstract concepts to life and working with clients to improve their business
marketing platforms.

As UI/UX designers we are responsible for creating interactive flows that enhance a customer's experience
with a brand and facilitate an enjoyable experience on the business's website. Also based on our coding
knowledges and understanding of it, combined with the design perspectives and a little bit of psychology we are
delivering quality products and services based on the brand's strength. Also we are using our QA skills to ensure
the best delivery of the products, by testing the new implementations (front-end, back-end and database) and
by checking the analytics performance.

Acquired skills and knowledge:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Database, Google Analytics, Jira, UX Design, UI, HTML, CSS, Figma